On July 23 I made the decision to start the journey of Kingdom Fitness and I can say its been one of the best decisions of my life, not only physically but also spiritually. Kingdom women are more than workout beasts , were woman of God and when we take care of the temple God has given us we’ll only continue to grow! Melissa has been an angel sent from heaven and the BEST personal trainer ever! If you want results you’ve found the right person!

- Stephanie
Throughout my journey with Melissa I have felt stronger physically and mentally. Before training, I used to be very inconsistent with my fitness journey, but I knew I always wanted to be able to see my full potential. Once I started training with Melissa, I feel like i’m definitely seeing my full potential. I’m becoming stronger, I am showing a passion to workout, and seeing progress definitely keeps me going. I see improvement on my lower body, eating habits are becoming easier, and i’m able to lift more than I used to. I’m definitely happy with my fitness journey and there’s no stopping this.

- Nataly